What Clients Say

He truly gets it...

I found Sherif when I was looking for a balance of professional and personal coaching. I wanted to improve mindfulness around myself as a leader in my professional life and as a husband and father in my personal life. He was very helpful in providing a framework to support my goals with tools to build habits and ensure that I'm equally balanced in the roles I play in my life. He truly gets it and makes the overwhelming seem simple and surmountable.

Dylan H.
Chief Commercial Officer (Longmont, CO)

Take your business to the next level...

Throughout the years, I have relied heavily on the astute and out of the box coaching of Sherif. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, hire him. You will be very glad you did.

Chris Natzke
Black Belt Leadership (Denver, CO)

Insightful advice delivered with authentic compassion...

Sherif has a rare combination of insightful advice delivered with authentic compassion. He has been a pragmatic, trusted advisor about running two companies I own…one I’ve run for over 20 years, and he’s my “go to” source for invaluable coaching on a recent business launch. Partner with him as an executive coach, hire him for expert advice…either way your life will be better for it.

Richard Allen
CEO, Airways360 and 180Marine (Denver, CO)

Allowed me to see my work in a new context...

Sherif’s ability to ability to weave together intuition and practicality creates a powerful combination for support at all levels. His insights, guidance, and vision has allowed me to see my work in a new context and step into becoming a more dynamic leader.

Robin Stamp
Director, Hale Pule Ayurveda and Yoga (Hawaii)

My results are up 15% while working less...

I have worked with Sherif as a coach for over two years. In that time, the contribution he has made to my personal effectiveness has been noteworthy. My business results are up 15% and I have actually been working less hours than in prior quarters. Sherif has an easy going style that can be a real contrast to my own. What I have learned from him is that oftentimes, a quieter, more focused approach can yield results that are far more to my liking (and my bank’s) than I was producing before I began working with Sherif as my coach. Would I recommend him? Absolutely!

Matt Griffoul
CEO, A J Professional Detailing, Inc. (San Jose, CA)

He shows you what you are not seeing...

Having worked with Sherif for three years, I walked away from each meeting with an abundance of clarity, direction, and was provoked to ask and answer new questions. His insight is invaluable. He shows you what you are not seeing and what is missing. He has a unique way of getting to the root of an issue, constantly digging deeper and not stopping at the obvious answer. I highly recommend working with him on business and personal matters!

Yola Barbosa
Owner, Brain Balance Franchise (Appleton, NJ)

Helped me whip my business into shape...

I’ve had my spa and boutique for 18 years and I can’t say enough about how Sherif has helped me whip my business into shape. I will continue to use what I’ve learned from him for many years to come and wish I could have had his help years ago. He is a pleasure to work with and such an amazing source of vital information, insights, advice and support. I would highly recommend him and his services to any business owner!

Lelah Lombard
Owner, New Leaf Spa & Boutique (Ojai, CA)

Made a profound difference...

I am deeply grateful for Sherif’s guidance - both strategic and tactical - in navigating a transition period at the Mount. Working with him made a profound difference and I highly recommend him to you.

Corinna Bloom
Director, Meditation Mount (Ojai, CA)

He is incredibly approachable...

I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Sherif and receive coaching from him! I was at a time in my business where I was feeling like I needed to make some changes but didn’t know where to start and also felt very nervous about doing so. Sherif not only gave me wonderful guidance on simple things that made a big difference in my business but also made me feel incredibly supported in the process of these changes! It took a great amount of pressure off of my shoulders just knowing that I had Sherif to look to for mentorship.

He is incredibly approachable and continues to offer wonderful new perspectives that maximize my success as a business owner. I am so grateful for his knowledge and experience and highly recommend his services!

Isha Ferraz
Owner, Hamsa Dance Studio (Ojai, CA)

Precise clarity in a short amount of time...

Having worked with Sherif for the prior 9 months, the thing I value most is the precise clarity that he helps me achieve in a short period of time. His ability to help me unpack and declutter strategic business or emotional situations has enabled me to catapult my professional and personal life to the next level. I’m truly grateful for our partnership and look forward to growth over the next year.

Brian Moak
President, HEART Certified Auto Care (Chicago, IL)