Strategic executive coaching for high level performers who understand value & want fulfillment as well as success.

A friend of mine who built two fortunes told me that no matter how good you are, you can't see yourself swing. That’s why professional athletes have coaches all around them to help them see what they are missing. We all have blind spots that can cause bad decisions and mistakes. High performance coaching is about gaining clarity on your exact situation today, clarity on the vision of where you want to go, and then bridging the gap together.

For some, asking for help is not easy. Achievers grow used to being self-reliant and have an attitude of ‘I can handle anything’. But the truth is that all of us can spin a great tale about why we didn’t do something that we know we should have done, because there was no one to be accountable to. Impeccable accountability is a rare thing these days, and yet it is what is needed to take your life to the next level. Can you be completely truthful with yourself?

My background in engineering, business, and mindfulness informs my intuitive-analytical approach to help you succeed - and enjoy life at the same time. As your thought partner and coach, you will be empowered to not only achieve what you want, but also to gain fulfillment and peace of mind in the process.

The lion share of personal coaching with me is reserved for working with CEO clients for our classes at American CEO. A handful of spots are available each year to work with other clients who understand the value proposition of achieving compelling objectives, and who are committed to the inner work and outer work it takes to create change. If this is you, I invite you to begin a conversation.