Sherif is an expert at coaching, facilitating groups, and sponsoring relevant and impactful speakers for his boards. He enjoys helping his clients focus on the journey, because life happens in the valleys between achievements.

A seasoned entrepreneur, he started, grew and then sold his own company. He credits much of his success, including the rapid growth and the ultimate sale, to what he learned on a CEO Peer Board led by Keith Cunningham (Chairman’s Council).

After selling his company, Sherif realized his passion is helping other business owners achieve success – as they define it. In his role as an advisor, coach, and group facilitator, he has worked with CEOs of $1 million to $1 billion revenue companies. They have valued his gift of discernment to help provide clarity on business issues while holding a space of empathy and deep psychological understanding for the emotional side of life, including the personal burden of being in the top seat. The boards are popular because of their balance of peer insight, learnings from relevant expert speakers, confidentiality, accountability, and camaraderie.

His unique path has included business ownership, engineering, corporate sales, commercial real estate investing, coaching, and wellness. He grew up internationally on three continents and credits this background for his ability to connect with a broad range of people and apply creative thinking, insight, and a fresh perspective.

When not working, Sherif enjoys traveling and learning with his dear wife of 20+ years with whom he recently became an empty-nester after raising two children.


Success is a daily practice, not a destination.