Vedic Astrology allows you to understand and validate your patterns so you can transcend them.

Vedic Astrology comes from the ancient civilization of India and is called 'Jyotish', which means 'to cast a light'. Jyotish is a sister science to Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda. The intention of an astrology reading is to cast the light of awareness on your life, so you can move forward with more understanding and wisdom about yourself. This understanding provides validation, confirmation, and revelation about you, the karmic forces behind your personality, and your life direction. The saying 'as above, so below' comes to life and shows you the connection between you and the universe.

Your exact time of birth is required because the science of Astronomy is closely tied to Vedic Astrology. The exact position and degrees of the constellations is calculated for the reading. This determines the Ascendant sign, and that's where your story begins...

Due to something called the Precession of the Equinox, your Western sun sign is usually different from your Vedic sun sign.

Your Blueprint

The position of the stars at the time and place of your birth create a divine blueprint for you. A Natal Astrology Reading provides a bird's eye view of your life and reveals your karmic tendencies. This gives you insight into the influences that shape every area of your life - such as personality, relationships, career, and other areas. Through greater understanding and awareness, you will gain the wisdom necessary to navigate your life more effectively.