For owners and CEOs who run a business with $1m to $50m in revenue and who want to grow their business with wisdom.


A group of fellow CEOs and business owners comprised of no more than 9 members. We are committed to help each other’s businesses grow with responsibility and integrity. We operate from a place of confidentiality, vulnerability, authenticity, and trust.


No matter how smart you are, you can’t see yourself swing: you can’t see your own blind spots and assumptions. Allowing respected peers to look at your business challenges and opportunities with you is proven to accelerate your growth, improve your decisions, and avoid potentially disastrous mistakes. And it’s fun!


The board meets monthly (two half-day and one full-day meeting per quarter) and members meet for a private sessions with me. Expert speakers visit several times per year to address relevant issues.

Fill out our one page application to initiate a conversation. Membership is by invitation only and subject to space availability.


“The single biggest benefit for me as a business owner is to get good non-biased input on my decisions. The board has given me a place to openly talk to those who understand what I am going through and give me insights. I also benefit from listening to issues of other board members and apply those learnings in my business.”

CEO, DigeTekS

(IT Managed Services Provider)
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"I am deeply grateful about the opportunity to work with Sherif – both on a personal and professional level. I treasure our coaching sessions, and my day spent with our CEO leadership board on a monthly basis. While the commitment is big, the return is even bigger. The confidence, clarity, and newly found perspectives due to these sessions are invaluable for any CEO that is striving to achieve the next level of success. Sherif individualizes the sessions for everyone and always knows what needs to be addressed, and when. I look forward to many more years of working together and would recommend him and his services to anyone that truly appreciates creative brilliance and dynamic collaboration."

Owner, Duet Design Group

(Interior Design)
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“While I knew joining a CEO peer group would be valuable, I underestimated just how invaluable the Board facilitator is to getting the most out of each session. I believe of all the Peer Groups I considered, Sherif’s was the best choice largely because of his thoughtful orchestration of the group and his post-meeting 1:1’s with each of us. I recommend him without hesitation.”

former CEO, Apto

(software company)
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“This board has helped me identify blind spots and has given me new perspectives for significantly growing my business. The monthly meetings are helping me be ‘on’ my business so I can be more of an owner than an operator.”

Owner, Artemis Vision

(engineering company)

Sherif and his guidance for both the CEO board sessions and his 1on1 coaching have been truly valuable for me personally and for my business. The insight, guidance, and sounding board both from peers of the group, and directly from Sherif have helped me grow as a CEO and continue to lead my business in a positive and balanced manner. Having an advisor like Sherif and a greater platform of peers I trust and value have made a tremendous difference in improving my company from the bottom line up.

CEO, RealEyes

(media streaming solutions)

I felt an instant connection with Sherif the first time I met him, about 14 months ago, as we chatted over chai lattes. In the time since, he has helped me shape and direct my business without a doubt. But, more importantly, he has helped me refine and hone my role as the leader of that business. I have become a more confident, focused, and purpose-driven manager, principal, mentor, director, and visionary for my company and for my team. I value every conversation we have and always look forward to the next meeting. His direct, thoughtful, and business-focused feedback and guidance has been invaluable to me and my personal and professional growth and I look forward to our continued work together.


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